With over two decades of healthcare industry experience, Artesient consultants have the skills to analyze clients’ strategic positioning, identify opportunities for significant enhancement and then assist in producing a focused plan that re-positions their organization to successfully address current and emerging industry challenges.

Enterprise Strategy

Clearly defining goals and plans are important to the strategy work we do with our clients, but we find the key to a successful enterprise strategy is one that links strategy with execution. That’s why our enterprise strategy services include the creation of specific, actionable, outcome-oriented roadmaps, tactics, and governance frameworks that ensure strategy realization will occur in a timely fashion and deliver targeted results.

Healthcare Technology Strategy

Technology is transforming healthcare access, quality, delivery, and affordability. How our clients assess, select and nurture these technology investments is vitally important. We offer our clients a set of battle-tested technology strategy management tools to help drive their IT investment research, evaluation, planning, budgeting, selection, and oversight efforts.

Health Reform Strategy

At Artesient Consulting, we are committed to doing our part in assisting with healthcare reform. As such, we help clients understand, navigate and adjust to the changes crated by these reforms.

Organizational Design Strategy

We work across our clients’ organizations to identify which organizational units, procedures, policies, and work flows are not aligned to achieving strategic goals and then help devise plans to re-align the organization so they are positioned for success.

Value-Based Care Delivery Strategy

Many healthcare organizations today are trying to align their organizations to the delivery of value rather than products and services…essentially, delivering better outcomes at a lower cost. We help our clients do this by restructuring how they do business according to a customer-centric perspective and a clear understanding of the current and emerging industry environment.

Effective Strategies to Meet Your Needs

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