Each year we see amazing new advances in health care techniques and technologies that promise to transform every aspect of care delivery. And the rate at which these innovations are hitting the industry appears to be increasing. So how do traditional health care companies respond? We believe a solid understanding of emerging innovations coupled with an executive-endorsed strategy for pursuing these innovations pays off. We assist our clients do this by researching, strategizing, planning, coordinating and deploying these innovations within a broader business framework.

Innovation Research and Analysis

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change happening in the health care market is difficult. We assist by researching the most promising new innovations, inventorying applicable vendor solutions, matching innovation offerings against selection criteria and proposing appropriate areas of innovation investment.

Innovation Strategy and Planning

We have found that our clients are best served by innovation investments when they are properly justified within a well-planned innovation strategy which, in turn, is an integral part of their company’s overall business strategy. Artesient facilitates the strategic planning and decision making process as well as helps lay out a roadmap of innovation deployments, execution-tracking milestones, and desired outcomes.

Innovation Deployment

Deploying new innovations often requires change across many aspects of a health care company, including changes in processes, roles/structures, policies, system architecture, etc. We have a long history of deploying business/IT solutions across provider and health plan operations. The key, we have found, is in maintaining transparency and collaboration.

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