A successful health plan is one that attracts and retains members with highly recognized care quality, competitive pricing, innovative products, and persuasive marketing. This consumer “short list” can only be realized and sustained if the plan’s underlying operational performance is continually monitored and improved. At Artesient, we have extensive experience with building “performance offices” to manage critical measures across these primary operational dimensions, and to implement improvement initiatives when performance lags behind recent results or that of industry leaders.

Health Plan Administration

Assistance in evolving network management, population management, utilization management, benefits administration, claims administration, and customer service to increase effectiveness and enhance cost efficiency.

Patient, Provider, & Employee Experience

Best practices in benchmarking and gap analysis, requirements synthesis, vision and culture articulation, and future state design to optimize your patients, providers and employees’ end-to-end experiences.

Cost of Healthcare

Tools and methodologies to identify and realize opportunities to increase cost effectiveness while insuring affordability and promoting quality care delivery.

Product Management

Strategies and approaches to designing and managing health plan products that appeal to customers. This includes product development, pricing, sales and marketing, analytics, and customer experience enhancement.

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