While clinical protocols and the evidence-based insights they produce are often well understood, it is the consistency and rigor with which they are applied that determines patient health outcomes. Artesient’s expertise with the key elements of care management can help you get there with clear thinking and practical actions to improve population health, patient access, and operational workflows all supported by the quality and performance metrics you need to assess your progress.

Population Care Management

As the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, chronic diseases and conditions – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic disease accounts for approximately 75 percent of the nation's aggregate health care spending, or an estimated $5,300 per person in the U.S. each year. The CDC further estimates that eliminating just three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, and smoking – would prevent: 80% of heart disease and stroke, 80% of type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer. These facts highlight one of our best opportunities to improve patient heath, protect at risk populations and lower the cost of care for health plans and Artesient can help.

Telehealth: Improving Access, Lowering Costs

Are you experiencing too many non-critical ER visits, capacity constraints in your medical office, declining medication or treatment adherence? Thoughtful application of telehealth services may provide relief. Artesient can help you explore cost-effective and minimally disruptive voice and video appointment visits to improve access to care and member satisfaction while lowering costs.

Care Workflow

When you think about your clinical protocol for any given condition, how many steps and how many people are involved in its execution? How do you detect if you’ve missed something or when to follow up? How effective are the handoffs between your front office and your clinicians? Are there gaps between your EHR and manual processes? Artesient can help you take an end-to-end view of your care management processes to improve patient outcomes and member experience.

Quality & Performance

In addition to our Compliance service line offerings (see below), Artesient has worked extensively with physician leaders and clinicians to define and implement dashboards and metrics to provide visibility into the quality and performance of your care management function. While often driven by compliance considerations, a proactive monitoring regimen can help you get in front of adverse trends before they manifest as declines in patient health or increases in cost. Let Artesient share our insights with you.

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