Healthcare regulatory agencies play a vital role in the oversight of healthcare quality, and there are numerous governing bodies implementing mandates across federal, state, and local lines. These agencies establish rigorous rules and regulations and in turn monitor healthcare organizations to ensure compliance, to protect individuals from healthcare risks, and to ensure safe health care is delivered to those that access the system. The challenges in responding to mandates and policies across multiple agencies are myriad and an organization’s internal efforts to remain compliant can become a daunting task. At Artesient, we understand the challenges and we offer a suite of consulting services that help position organizations for optimal regulatory compliance and performance.

Regulatory and Accreditation Gap Assessments

Best practices in monitoring industry mandates and requirements, building program management and compliance tracking capabilities, conducting gap assessments and reporting on implications of non-compliance and potential mitigation strategies.

Regulatory and Accreditation Blueprints

Our robust regulatory and accreditation blueprints are inclusive of strategy definition, organizational design, process improvements, technology enablers and implementation road mapping. The blueprint positions an organization to deploy processes and structures to support proactive response to evolving requirements.

Internal Policy Development and Socialization

Extensive experience assisting organizations with the intake and interpretation of mandates and requirements, and in helping to define, design, and socialize policies for internal stakeholders that are responsible for maintaining the rules and regulations.

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